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Bespoke Getaways
"Dream as if you were going to live Forever.
Live as if you were going to die Today."
James Dean (1931 - 1955)
As a connoisseuse of the magical things Portugal has to offer, I am pleased to present you three types of bespoke getaways for you to live your best life!

Staying in Style

I have chosen five estates ("Quintas") in the beautiful region of the Douro Valley where you will be welcomed as a family's close friend, experience the magnificence of 17th, 18th and 19th century manor houses, taste their produced wines, enjoy a picnic overlooking the river, treat yourself to a Spa experience, taste the outstanding Portuguese cuisine and enjoy your time in a most relaxing atmosphere.
Sun & Beach

As Portugal is mainly well known by its sun and endless beaches, I have chosen the brand new Troia Resort & Spa. Offering a sunny and warm stay in the aparthotels facing the white sandy beaches, you will reach a fulfilling pleasure through contact with nature by watching the dolphins; tasting the splendid and traditional cuisine from Alentejo and indulging yourself.
Historical Treats

From the long list of former castles, palaces and convents that Portugal refurbished into outstanding Pousadas of Charm, I have chosen six estates to offer you the most pleasant and luxurious stay. Our packages offer Wine Tasting & Wine Tours, Wine Caching, Canoeing, Cruises on the Douro River, Picnics, Spa treatments and many other treats. It is worth it! Guaranteed.
Please email us should you require any further information.