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"Excellent service! Extraordinary attention to detail and a really personalised service. Very distinct from other lifestyle management companies I worked with before. Also makes me save money besides time! Thank you."

Laurence Sinclair, Property Developer
"At first I was not sure how I could benefit from your services but one of my friends recommended you and he was right to do so. You are in fact available 24/7 and your attention to detail is superb."

Charles McFarland, Financial Adviser
"When you said you could organise my life, I confess I did not quite understand how someone could manage that. But, now you've found me the time to play golf and cook - two relaxing activities I really enjoy, but never had the time. You really brought me more of what I like. Thank you Elite Life !"

Matti Beramsingh, Commercials Director
"I wanted to say thank you for your help when my son was ill. For a single parent like me, when my son is unwell, I am forced to miss work. I don't need to miss work anymore. As a Risk Analyst who works in the City, absence can jeopardise my promotion. You were great with Conrad."

Kathryn Hammond, Risk Analyst
"It is amazing how nothing was left out on my trip to the U.S. It's incredible the little details you cared for and all the places you recommended were splendid. And it's not just that, I enjoyed the trip much more because I was relaxed. I knew you were looking after my house and my plants. Then, when I got back, for the first time I had food in the fridge after returning from a trip. You even thought of it. Amazing!"

Banke Oke, Derivatives Analyst
"My girlfriend loved the "dinner for two" you organised for us! Actually, she is my fiancee now. Everything was so well organised and with a personal touch. We loved it. Thank you Elite Life !"

Ron Aston, IT Consultant
"My days are really hectic because I work very long hours and sometimes even weekends. Then I have also to travel because of work. What time do I have to organise my things and care for those chores we all hate? None. That's why I decided to use your services a friend had recommended. Seriously, all it's so simpler now. My home is always organised and my favourite shirt is always ready for when I want it."

Dorota Sleczek, Conference & Banqueting Manager
"I found Carla very professional, with a positive "can-do" attitude. She was very focused and worked very hard to create order out of chaos. Her hard work achieved more than I had hoped for in the time available."

Vanessa Wilde, BA (Hons) History of Art